07/27/2006: Mapping interface & place positions
Places are now positioned on the map, using {{position}} wiki tag and Google Maps interface.

Mapping interface & place positions

Places on WhereTo.org can now be found by scrolling the map. The places are chosen dynamically as you pan and zoom the map, when you zoom out you will only see popular places (by the number of members who tagged them) as you zoom in you get to see more unique places.

Each place that has a location also got a mini-map in its header. The mini map also shows other places -- as small green circles, to avoid crowding it with larger pinpoints.

The place position is controlled via wiki {{position @lat,long}} attribute. We're working on a way to make it easier to control visually. But for right now you've got to type in the right coordinates to make it work.

Posted by Andrew

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