11/27/2006: Setting span for maps
When setting up positions it is now possible to set what area should the map show, its zoom level.

Setting span for maps

If you're describing a large lake it may be a bit boring to look at just water on the map -- you would want to have a broader zoom level. Now there is a way to do just that, two ways actually:
  1. You can set the span to any desired value and the map will scale automatically to cover that many degrees of latitude and longitude:
    {{position @42.939962,-122.110891/1}}
    This will set the map to cover 1 degree span.

  2. You can simply specify coordinates with less precision:
    {{position @43,-122}}
    This will have roughly the same effect as above. You could of course have rounded the number to tenths, hundredths, etc.

As a side effect of this change it is also possible to link to large maps with a specific span instead of zoom level -- US-centered map for instance

There is also an additional unrelated feature - on image info pages you can now see references to all places this picture is showing on.

Posted by Andrew

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