Frequently Asked Questions

You mention reviews and notes in a couple of places. Where are they?
We were originally going to launch the site with these features done, but then "release early/release often" mantra prevailed. We are working on them and these are the features you're likely to see very soon.

I see a mistake in a place description
Places are described by members like you, we are not the authority. Please correct the mistake yourself -- simply click "Edit" in the left side menu and modify the description. Don't worry, it's pretty easy.

How can I help?
The best thing you can do is to simply use the site -- add your places, tag them, comment and review them. Besides that we would love to hear your comments and improvement ideas. If you struggle with something or think of a killer feature -- let us know, your wish may just come true.

Who's behind the project?
You, the members and visitors are behind the main value of -- its data. is being developed by Ejelta LLC -- the same company that brought you The majority of code was written by Nick Eremeev and Andrew Maltsev.

How do I contact you? I have a question/idea/bug report
We sure would love to hear from you -- please contact us. We cannot guarantee a response, but your message will be read and in most cases answered.