Daytona Beach - Home of NASCAR

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One time I was cleaning my room because my birthday party was coming to me. While cleaning my room, I found my photo albums to which them I forget by keeping. After getting my photo albums I became very happy and kept them in my almirah. As I was looking these then my friends came to my rooms and asked from me what are you seeing? I also showed my photographs to my friends also. After seeing my photographs, my friends became angry with me and said to me why did not you tell us about your trip? When I told to my friends about the situation then they feel cool and said to me in next holiday we will go to this city. My friends also want to know more about this city and I also told them about this trip in detail. I told to my friends that Daytona Beach is a most popular tourist destination in United States of Florida. This city is home of NASCAR and famous for its “World Centre of Racing”. I went to this city for the dedicated of my work when my boss was impressed with my work. My boss gives me a list of many cities but I have to choose only one of them. From that list I choose Daytona Beach and the one thing which was more interesting that all the responsibilities like where to stay & eat, which places to visit, and more. My boss told me that all the expanses will be towards from the company. After getting the air ticket for six days, I started to search my hotel on net. While searching on net I found some hotel sites which were giving best facility but I was looking more good opportunity. After getting a list of sites, a hotel site which impressed me very much and it was giving cheap Daytona Beach hotels containing with all the facilities. This site gives me a lot of cheap hotels in daytona beach which were very nice and also impressed me. After seeing this list I made my reservation of Daytona Beach hotels through this site which give me an exciting offer on reservation. After making my reservations I fly to this city. After leaving the airport, first of all I take my breakfast and went to my hotel. My hotel was situated at a very few distance from airport. I catch my hotel with the help of taxi. As I reached to my hotel, I became surprised. This day, I can not do more but I also made my day more interesting by enjoying the facilities of my hotel. at the time of evening, I went to market where I take some junk food and know more about this city by interacting with the people of this city. This was the great experience for me. I also hire a taxi for visiting this city. At the time of late night I reached to my hotel where first of all I take my dinner and go to my bed for taking a good sleep. On the second day, I wake up at my room alarm time and went for daily routine. My taxi also has been to hotel at the time. I take a little heavy breakfast and went for the outing of this city. While traveling, I realize that this city is most beautiful with a lot of attractions. This day, first of all I went to beach where I felt relax and forget all about my past and my future is looking like as if we are in heaven. At beach, I found some guys were doing fishing, swimming and boating. First of all I do boating and then swimming which were the great experiences of my life. After this I do fishing to which I fond of and I enjoyed this lot. At the time of evening, I went to the museums of arts and science which was containing with a lot of designer galleries and some events were also organizing. After seeing this museum, I went to a restaurant for taking my dinner. After taking the dinner, I went to my hotel and prepared myself for the other day. As this city is home of NASCAR so I went on international speedway for racing on third day of my trip. I take a lot of enjoy of this adventurous. After racing, I take my lunch in a restaurant which was very nice and providing all kinds of food. After taking my lunch I went to Daytona lagoon which was the most famous water park. This park was the entertainment circle for all ages. At this park, I take enjoy of volleyball with other guys and a lot of golf courses were also there. I also enjoyed these. At the time of night, I went to seaside music theatre which was the great place for enjoying. At this place, I get a chance to play with music. This place was very interesting. At late night, I take my dinner and go to my room. On the fourth day of my trip, first of all I went to Halifax historical museum which was highlighting the history of this city by exhibitions. I enjoyed at this place very much. After seeing this museum, I went to Sun Splash County Park which was the most interactive place with water fountains, playground, sports courts and walkways. I spent my half of day at this place. A lot of racing events were also organizing there and I enjoyed these events. After taking my dinner outside I reached to my hotel at late night. On the fifth day of my trip, I went again on beach which was the most famous and draws many visitors also. At beach first of I enjoyed swimming and fishing. After fishing I went to parks which were situated near to the beach. These parks were also containing with a lot of adventurous. This day, I also went to markets for shopping from where I purchase a dress for my love and some other things also. This day, I also enjoyed the nightlife of this city and after reaching to my hotel I paid to my taxi. In my cheap hotel rooms, I packed my luggage and manage all these memories. On the sixth day, I get up early in the morning and checked out my hotel, went to airport. After reaching to airport, I came to know that my flight is late. So I visit around my hotel and returned back to my home with these nice memories which I got from this city. After hearing about my experience, my friends said to me this experience in not for you now this is all of us.

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