Deerfield Beach Helicopters

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Deerfield Beach Helicopters specializes in helicopter tours, helicopter rides, aerial photography, and flight training. With us, you can enjoy the scenery of south Florida and just sit back and relax, you can capture the beauty of south Florida through a camera lens, with the helicopter doors removed, or you can become part of the action by becoming a professional pilot. Our tours start at only $35 per person and you can choose from one of our popular tours, or you can create your own. With our aerial photography services, you can take pictures from our helicopter, with the doors off, of any location that you would like. At our flight school, you can earn your private and commercial pilot’s licenses, and even become a CFII while working with one of our certified flight instructors. Our pilots have excellent safety ratings and our helicopters are maintained well above FAA standards. If you need a helicopter for any services or training, we are South Florida's number one choice! For more details, check out our website at!

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