Dream Cities Of United States For Enjoying Colorful Life

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I have been visited so many destinations in united sates but never visit capital of united states that’s was my dream city and I want to visit this destination. When I met with my friends then all of us share feelings to each other and the majority was for traveling these holidays. But all of us demands to visit different destinations these holidays. But al last we decided to three destinations together. We always prefer to travel by air but select three destinations so we choose our travel by air and road. Like other trips we also made our plan to reserved cheap hotels at all destinations. But for the reservation of these hotels we search a lot of hotels sites on internet but we choose only one of them. First of all we reserved our hotels and air tickets for San Francisco because we were going to this city and the rest of cities planned later. San Francisco that is known by major city of California and whose destination golden gate bridge comes under seven wonders of the modern world. This city is very large and well known for its liberal community in bay area. In this city we enjoyed our three to four days and that’s was possible because of its famous landmarks and cheap San Francisco hotels that were containing with all facilities and very closer to all major landmarks like china town, golden gate bridge etc. we get this city by air and as we are getting closer to this city we see great view of skyline which attracts our eyes and they were looking very nice. Within these days we explore all the famous destinations of this city. In this city we spend at least one day at north beach and ocean beach that were in china town and Richmond because from starting we also became fans of beach. At both beach we get pleasure from all beach activities and enjoyment of sunset at ocean beach is different because that’s was foggy sunset. At both these places we found so many attractive places like streets of china town, mountain lake park, golden gate park, telegraph hill, rose garden, botanical garden, stow lake, Lincoln park, coit tower, parks, temples & churches etc. for enjoying adventures fisherman’s wharf was the great place for enjoying harbor tour by boating and if any visiting this place then must eat seafood that’s very excellent food, and can get opportunity to watch sea lions. In addition to these we enjoy nightlife of this city that’s was very interesting and some exhibits at zoo. We spent our at least one day for harbor tours and to get any attraction in this city is very easy by cable cars. By all spending our all days in this city we make our reservation to our second planned destination. With a lot of memories and moments of San Francisco we move in the direction of Miami city by air that’s a county of Florida of United States. Before getting this city we have already reserved our hotel from same site which give a list of cheap hotels in Miami at lowest prices. By getting this site and its hotels we give a great thanks to this site for offering such nice opportunities to us. In Miami we spent our four nights and three days but those days we spent there were very adventurous. This city is belongs to south region of this state. By getting this city first of all we went to tourist information center from where we take some information that this city largest population of Latin American which is known by the name of magic city. This city has several beautiful beaches and we also enjoy all these beaches. Out of these beaches south beach, lummus park beach, and haulover Beach Park were most famous and we enjoyed our days at these beaches. South beach was most famous beach where we get all beach activities but this beach was very strict in discipline. By interacting with local public and travelers we heard that those tourist who visiting Miami did not see south beach then they did not see anything in Miami. By knowing about this beach we did not leave this beach and enjoy our holidays at this beach. The most viewable thing at this beach was duck tour which is very interesting that can not be found at any beach except this beach. This tour was of ninety minutes and it was not so expansive. All the attraction around Miami south beach can be seen by gocar gps tours which showed us museums, botanical garden, holocaust memorial, and other destinations by telling history with fun. In this city that’s was our bad luck that we can see any events and concerts in this city because that time no events were there and mostly events organizes in winter season. Jewish museum of Florida, art museum, bay Front Park, and oleta river Recreation Park were other famous landmarks that were very interesting places. Besides all these, Miami seaquarium, jungle island, and Miami metro zoo that’s a very large zoological garden in Florida with large number of wild animal from every corner of world. These entire destinations were adventure places with great outings. By enjoying four nights and three days we hire a taxi for our next destination that’s was the dream of us and enjoy this destination by road. At late evening, we leave Miami city and move in the direction of Washington dc by road with the help of taxi. We take this taxi on rent by online on net with the help of searching by renting car. After taking taxi, we drive to this road ourselves. Although journey was not so long it was of 16 hours but we travel it one night and one day because of passing through Carolina and Virginia Beach. By seeing beautiful view of Virginia Beach in Virginia State we can not control ourselves and take stay at this beach for enjoying. We get this beach early morning by which we can get sunrise of this beach otherwise we can see sunrise hmmmm. By enjoying beach activities we reached Washington dc up to evening. Washington dc capital city and heart of United States that is most famous for its beautiful architecture, sightseeing, history, and culture of United States. The main remarkable and most viewable thing of this city is its skylines. At the time of late evening we reached to this city and check in first of all our cheap Washington dc hotels that’s was reserved from same site. First of all we take some refreshment and then went to markets for taking juice and fruits. We also enjoyed streets of this city. By getting our dream city we were feeling so excited and waiting of next morning to explore this city. In this city first of all we went to national mall that’s was surrounding with so many monuments, memorials, museums, and other. This mall was the national green park in the heart of this city. Washington monument, art gallery, and world war museums were famous sights at this place. All major destinations like white house, US capitol building, Lincoln memorial, reflecting pool, and all top attractions were situated within a very few walking distance. Washington zoo was most famous familiar sight because that’s was informative and enjoying with all animals. In this city we also enjoyed hiking and biking at Downtown Park but they were so crowdy because of capitol city but we enjoyed them very comfortably. In spring time and at all other times a lot of festivals like kite fest and other events can be enjoyed. We spend five days in this city and by enjoying this city with full entertainment we leave this city for our hometown by air. As we leave this city we feel very happy because only luckiest person get these chances for making their dream true and we see all our dream destinations. With these adventure memories and moments we fly to our home city.

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