Edna Spaulding Trail (O'Neill Park, Orange County, California)

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View of O'Neill Park and Rancho Santa Marguerita
View of O'Neill Park and Rancho Santa Marguerita
View of Mission Viejo
View of Mission Viejo

Edna Spaulding Trail is a hiking mountain trail that starts near O'Neill Park. It is a relatively easy loop trail that takes about half an hour to an hour to complete. The elevation gain is roughly around 100ft.

Views from the trail include O'Neill Park overview and, on the other side of the hill, the city of Mission Viejo and Highway 241 (Foothill Transit Corridor).

The trail is easily accessible from both day-use and campgrounds of the O'Neill Regional Park.

There are several newly installed benches along the trail, including one at its highest point.

There is an unnamed (and probably unmanaged) trail that starts at the top of Edna Spaulding trail and goes further to the top of hill.

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