Georgie’s Paradise

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Georgina says no monkey business!

Georgie’s Paradise is a full scale florist and nursery that specializes in annuals, perennials, landscaping materials, indoor plants, fruit trees, palms, ground cover, shade plants and exotic foliage. They feature a free landscaping consultation, as well as delivery, export, and wholesale options. In business since 2008, Gerogie’s Paradise serves the Miami area, including Naples, Orlando, Miami Beach, and West Palm Beach. Located on Krome Avenue and 200th Street, choose Gergie’s Paradise for all of your landscaping needs.

Contact Us:

main phone: 305-235-9311

additional phone: 305-796-1333

fax: 305-235-2115


located at 20300 Krome Avenue, Miami, FL 33187 (Krome Ave & 200th Street)


Monday-Saturday: 7:30am-6:30pm; Sunday 8am - 3pm


wholesale grower, garden center, nursery, ground cover, annuals, perinials, landscaping material, shade plants, indoor plants, Clusia, portoarpus, plumeria, pudica, frangi pani, isora, trent, jasmine, croton, flax lily, copper leaf, bromeria, desert rose, aloe, elephant ear, alocasia, raphis, bougainvillea, carissa, begonia, areca, cherry, fruit trees, mango,oranges, leeche, lemon, palms, kois, venus fly trap


delivery, free landscaping consulting, export, wholesale

Professional Associations:

FNGLA, Nursery Report, State of Florida Agricultural and consumer, Texas certified, US Dept. APHIS, North Carolina certified

Areas Served:

miami, naples, orlando, hialeah, miami springs, west palm beach, Okeechobee

Payment Options:

Cash, Debit Card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Financing

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