Hatfield Farms

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At Hatfield Farms, all horses, will receive the same treatment as the Hatfield's personal collection.

Hatfield Farms is not the typical equine farm. The motivation for accepting clients is driven by the love of animals and the relationships with people instead of increasing profit. Profit motivated equine facilities typically cut costs which results in less pampering of the horses and the riders. Comfort and happiness is our everyday goal for a wonderful and peaceful quality of life.

Contact us:

main phone: 281-827-5082

toll-free: 800-516-5784

email: stephanie@hatfield-farms.com

Located at 10554 Stidham Road, Conroe, TX 77302 USA (Hwy 45 and 1488)


Monday-Sunday: 7am-7pm, 24/7 onsite staff

Products & Services:

European Imports (ponies), Breeding, Boarding, Lessons, Training, Sales, Showing, vet care, farrier care, chiropractic care, onsite massage therapy, premium nutritional supplements/feed and onsite 24/7 staff, 24/7 video monitoring of horses and property utilizes a centralized alarm system/cameras


Future amenities will offer a horse pool, large competition open air arena, spa, hot tub, lazy river beach pool, manicurist, hairstylist, massage therapist, locker room, sauna, swim-up bar, air conditioned viewing area and much more!!! Hatfield Farms will be a peaceful and luxurious resort for both clients and the Hatfield family.

Payment Methods:

Cash, Check, Debit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express

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