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Chicago is one of the top destinations in United States of Illinois which is situated in Midwest. Chicago city is known for the home of truth of jazz, skyscraper, and blues. This city draws many visitors. I also love to this city because I visited this city with my friends in the occasion of birthday party of one of my friend who lives in this city for his education. We went to this city by air. We were number of four with birthday boy in this city. To visit this city we take our great accommodation in Chicago hotels which was good looking with modern facilities. We find this hotel from an online hotels reservation site which was world famous and provides list of hotels in chicago with discount offer on reservation. On the first day of our trip, we leave our flight not leave our hometown because it was night journey and we leave our house previous night before the starting day of trip. After leaving we wait sometime for receiving luggage and our friend already reached to us for receiving us and him also taken holidays from your college. As he received us we feel very happy to find him. This day first of all we meet with each other and take breakfast in a restaurant. As we leave the airport we feel the great enjoy of the climate of this city. Not to hire a taxi we like to catch our hotel by public transit services. While going to hotel we enjoyed the skyline of this city which was very nice. As we get our hotel at the time of noon all of us went to their bed for taking rest. After taking rest all of us enjoyed the facilities of our hotel, get ready, and went to visit around this hotel. In this city, we did not understand to know about the attractions of this city because one of our friends who live in this city for education was with us. At the time of evening first of all we take cake for celebrating the birthday of our friend then take dinner and enjoy with making fun of each other. After enjoying all of us came back to our hotel for sleeping. This day our friend told us about the history of this city which was very interesting. So this day of our trip was more interesting. On the second day or our trip, first of all we went to beaches of this city which was most famous. Although it was not the famous destination but Michigan Lake was the famous destination and we also enjoyed at both destinations because both of them were situated nearer to each other. This day we spend our full day at both these destinations with sunrise to sunset. At both of these destinations, we take enjoyed of swimming, boating, camping, and fishing. After enjoying all these adventurous we came back to our hotel’s room where first of all we get ready and take dinner. On the third day of our trip, our friend us on one day and night tour of Chicago which was containing with amazing view of city, skyscraper, parks, and shopping etc. this tour was very interesting with lot of sightseeing articles and nightlife. For enjoying this tour our friend called his friend with car. We enjoyed this tour with our friends’ car. This day we saw many sightseeing like Hancock centre which was most good looking and 5th tallest building in United States. From this tour we explore many sights like Lincoln Park, museum of contemporary art which was very nice with latest collections of arts and exhibits. From this center the view of Lincoln Park was very nice. At this tour water tower is one of the famous attraction containing with Chicago icon. At the time of noon, we saw millennium park and sears tower which were very nice destinations in this city. At the time of evening, we went to Buckingham fountain and grant park which were very nice and as the night falls water dances started at these fountains. At these destinations we also enjoyed the nightlife of this city which was very interesting and all the visitors were enjoying this great nightlife of this city. After enjoying nightlife we came back to our hotel and sleep well. On the fourth day of our trip, all of were quiet late in morning so this day first of all we like to take walking tour of this city. as we said about walking tour then drive to loop art tour which cover most famous destination of this city. By this walking tour we see Thompson center, daley center, millennium park, sears tower and federal plaza. All these destinations by walking were looking very nice. After this walking tour, we went to Lincoln Park zoo, shedd aquarium, and Oak Park which provide tourists to great relax because of its lush greenery, plants and flowers. At the time of night, we visit to streets of Chicago with enjoying nightlife and other fun also. Late night, all of us take our dinner and came back to hotel. On the fifth day of our trip, we went to Midway Park and Jackson Park which provides skating, and summer and winter gardens with lush greenery. Both of them were very interesting. After this we take our lunch and went to shopping store for shopping. After shopping, we spend some time with our friend and enjoy the nightlife of this city. After enjoying we came back to hotel where we made fun of each other and enjoy this whole night. On the sixth day, all of us leave bed, get ready, and leave our cheap hotels with memorable moments. Our friend dropped us on airport and came back to his hostel. While returning to this city we became very depressed because our heart was with our friend and in this city also.

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