Margene's Bridal

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Margene's Bridal, often referred to as Margene's or Margenes, is a wedding gown retailer in Oakland, California, United States.

Founded in 1961 by a professional tailor Margene Burns, Margene's Bridal specializes in sales and rentals of wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, mother of bride and groom dresses, flower girl dresses, prom and formal gowns, as well as veils, tiaras, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. Margene's shop also offers clothing alteration services for men, women and children.

Over the past few years Margene's Bridal has been recognized by a well-known user-review social network Yelp for maintaining a 4-star or higher reputation, and has also been rewarded by the City of Oakland for excellence of service and serving Bay Area brides for over 50 years. In 2010 Margene's Bridal was also recognized by a local TV station KRON 4 News show called Red Carpet Bay Area that did a report on Margene's store in Oakland, California, which aired in June of 2010.

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