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The Only Sports Nutrition Store with the Conservative Approach

What is a Max Muscle Personalized Nutrition Plan? It’s a nutrition plan customized to your body. We work directly with you to determine what your body needs to perform at its optimal level whether it is during an athletic performance or just surviving a typical day. It is a way for you to achieve the physique and feeling you have always wanted, higher levels of energy, and healthy lifestyle changes! An experienced Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach will customize your nutritional program according to your gender, age, height, weight, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), the thermionic effect of foods, your body composition, daily schedule, food preferences, etc. – all to calculate the perfect combination of nutrients for you. These programs are based on science and research, not hype and latest diet trends. Once this information is obtained, your nutrition plan is created to guide you as you achieve your health and fitness goals in a safe, effective, and healthy way. You will have the ability to select food items on the interactive menu making substitutions for meals and snacks a breeze. Our long-term goal is to educate you and leave you prepared to continue this lifestyle on your own. Max Muscle Sports Nutrition, a leader in the sports nutrition industry since 1991, is committed to improving the health of those from all walks of life. Men, women, everyday fitness enthusiasts, high school athletes, college athletes, as well as those involved in bodybuilding and fitness competitions. Each Max Muscle Sports Nutrition employee is extremely knowledgeable and will the time with each client to pinpoint their health and fitness goals finding the best program, supplements and/or vitamins for them to achieve those goals. Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain or simply dedicating yourself to a healthier lifestyle- Max Muscle Sports Nutrition provides the best products and services. While weight loss and weight gain seem to be the industry standard for sports nutrition, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition goes above and beyond, developing supplements for testosterone amplification, cleansing, Bariatric patients, endurance, recovery, among other products such as nutraceuticals for your well being.

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main phone: (623) 581-1232

located at 2633 West Carefree Highway, Phoenix, AZ 85085


Sports Nutrition, Nutrition Supplements, High Performance Sports Supplements

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Max Muscle Official Franchise

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Phoenix, AZ; Anthem, AZ; Cave Creek, AZ; Sonoran Desert Village; Carefree, AZ

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Cash, Debit Card, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal

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