Nice view of Lake Tahoe from Heavenly Gondola

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This holiday I visited Lake Tahoe city. This city is one of the best which I have ever seen. This city is the home of ski resorts. This city draws many visitors for its ski resorts, recreation, and more. This city is situated on the both sides of California and Nevada but lies in the united states of California. When I get the chance to come closer with this city then I feel very excited. I went to this city in winter holidays and that was the best time for this city because these days I found so many adventurous activities like skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating and more adventurous were there. While interacting, the people of this city told me the best time to visit this in the month of summer and winter. I went to this city by air for five days. I reserved my lake tahoe hotels through a hotel site. My flight dropped me at Tahoe international airport from where my hotel was situated at a very few distance. After receiving my luggage I hire a taxi to catch my hotel. As I reached to my hotel then I feel very excited as it was very nice with all the facilities. I reserved this hotel by well known famous hotels site which give me a list of cheap lake tahoe hotels available on discount offer containing with all the facilities. as this was my starting day of my trip so I cant do more because I was so tired due to my journey and like to take some rest. After taking some rest, I take refreshment and went to market where I take some fruits and juice. At the time of night I take my dinner and went to my hotel for taking a good sleep. On the second day of my trip, first of all I went to the south region of this city. The view of this city was very nice. In this region, I take the heavenly gondola by which I saw the beautiful view of this city. In this region, I take enjoy of my favorite adventurous. Ski and snowmobiling adventurous were these and I take enjoy full day all of these adventurous. It was situated nearer to lake and at lake I do swimming and fishing which give me the great experiences of life. In night I went to horizon casino where I played one or two chance and take the dinner. After taking dinner, I went to my hotel and prepared myself for the next day of trip. On the third day of my trip, I get up early in the morning and take some refreshment. After taking refreshment, I take breakfast and went for the other attractions of this city. This day I went to the north region of this city. In this region, I went to Squaw Valley by gondola riding which was very nice and enjoyable. This region was consisting of a beautiful lake where I take enjoy of boating and fishing but I can not do swimming because this day was too cold. I also explore so many places like diamond peak, sugar bowl, Homewood, and more attractions were. This day I enjoyed the nightlife of this city in a music club. After enjoying nightlife I take my dinner and reached to my hotel where I watch a movie which was very interesting and go to my bed for good sleeping with a lot of excitement in eyes for next day. On the fourth day of my trip, I went to emerald bay state park and bliss state park for hiking. As these days were of winter so I can’t take full enjoy of hiking. This day I also went for a boat trip also which was very interesting. At the time of night I take my dinner and went to my bed. On the fifth day of my trip, I went to market for shopping and other attractions also which were very nice. At the time of evening I checked out my cheap hotels and fly to home by air with a new excitement, memories and moments.

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