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Phoenix city is lies in United State of Arizona. This city is the most amazing city. The populations of the city are not so much and there are every kind of attractions like museums, parks, restaurant, inns, hotels and many more. The museum attractions of city are which cause to get visit in city. Phoenix Art Museum which contain over 16,000 artworks of Latin American, American, Asian, Modern and other Contemporary are there. And on first Friday of month there is no charge to get visit in it. And another one Ro Ho En Japanese Friendship Garden and it represent the small sight of Japan country. Koi pond and tea house is the remarkable places n this garden. In summer it gets close and there normal charges are apply. The accommodations are in large scale and online hotel room reservations site are and many others options are available with reasonable rates. In city downtown the IMAX theatre which also the place for visiting and there are lots of fun. Near to it the nice park and shopping mall which also the place to get visiting.

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