Seattle – very less expansive lodging being a largest destination

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Seattle is huge city with several loving destinations which attracts more visitors. This city is very largest which is located in the united states of Washington. This city is also home of many arts, parks, and many large business headquarters like Microsoft, space needle, and also. Besides all these a lot of attraction landmarks are there which are most likely by visitors. In these visitors I was also a visitor who visits this city. After getting this city, I feel countless enjoy of my holidays and make my life more colorful. In this city, I make my lodging in cheap seattle hotels which was so amazing containing with all the facilities like business center, fitness, internet, restaurant, and more. I went to this city by air and those days which I spend in this city were most memorable. I not all the visitors here make their holidays colorful. I went to this city by air by a lot of exciting planning for this city. Before going to this city first I made my all reservations like air and hotel because being a large city this city can be very expansive for me and it can also create a lot of problems form me. After making my reservation, I wait for trip date and by meeting with my date I fly to this city from my hometown for five days. My first day for this city was looking like travel day because I leave my hometown and after leaving flight I again travel to catch my hotel. Being a travel day it was very interesting because the great view of this by air was very interesting and while reaching to my hotel also was an amazing view of skylines of this city and other attractions also. After leaving flight at seattle airport I hire a taxi which takes me first lunch and then leave at my reserved hotel. While entering to my hotel room I like to take first instead of doing other work because I want to visit this city with comfort. After taking some rest, I enjoyed the facilities of my hotel and then for outing. On outing, first of all I take snacks with soft drinks and then went to visitor center for knowing about the attraction of this city. At visitor center, I also talked with other tourists and one of them helped me very much who give me his travel book because that was leaving this city. From a travel agent I know that so many tours are available in this city but I did not take them and hire a taxi by travel which was of young age and visit me this whole city. At night by taking dinner, I came back to my hotel. On the second day of my trip, I leave my bed with coming up of my taxi and I also did not take so much time for getting ready and this day I and my taxi driver both us take our breakfast together and went for the attractions of this city. This day first of all I went to carkeek park which was a sweet little beach park for hiking, swimming, boating, and getting up closer with nature. I enjoyed my half of day at this park. After seeing this park I went for other landmarks like art museum, art gallery, and Asian art museum which were very nice with small exhibits. By seeing all these attraction my taxi leaves me at my hotel, I got changing and went to dinner. After taking dinner I visit in the streets of this city and enjoy them and then came back to hotel. On the third day, first of all I went for Discovery Park where I take enjoy of kite flying, trailing, and boating also. This park was very nice and it was one of the famous attractions of this city to which I enjoyed very much. After seeing this park I went to see woodland park zoo which was another famous attraction for this city. At zoo, a lot of exciting ridings and small animal exhibits were there. By exploring all these attractions up to late evening, I enjoyed nightlife in the streets of seattle which was very interesting. These streets were very nice and I also take some fast food in these streets. After taking dinner I came back to my reserved hotel’s room where I saw a movie at my room which was so nice and by watching this movie I go to my bed for sleeping. On the fourth day of my trip, I went to Waterfront Park and Sculpture Park where I enjoyed water activities. These parks were adjacent to each other. By enjoying at these parks I went towards Kubota garden which was showing most famous for its beauty and it was just looking like in a Japanese manner. This day I also want to another park which Magnuson park and it was the second largest park of this city. This park is now used for recreational purposes like boating, walking trails and more. By spending my full day at these parks I went to market from where I take some good things and then came back to hotel where I got some change and then went for dinner with enjoying nightlife. On the fifth day, I take seattle tours by which I explore all the sightseeing tours of this city and it was very interesting. By this tour, I saw many attractions like art museum, flight museum, science center, gardens, and some attractions also. Up to late I saw all these sightseeing. By coming back to see these sightseeing’s the tour operator leave me at my destination where I take some rest and leave my hotel room because I have to catch my flight. My heart was to see all attractions but up to next four days flight was not available. So, I promise this city to visit again. As I reached to airport I take some food and give my reporting to flight. By reporting, I fly to my hometown and leave this city with some remaining memories in heart.

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