Sullivan, NH

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The Sweet Family Farm has been in Sullivan on Center Street since 1933 when Dr. Richard H Sweet purchased it from a local potato farmer and began renovations. That was the year Dr. Roger H. Sweet was born in Brookline, MA. The Sweets spent every weekend at the Farm from the early 1930's until the present. Now Dr. Sweet and his wife Ann Kielty Sweet reside in the old farmhouse, renovated in 1994 by a local carpenter who died finishing the job (quite sad). His name was Jack. Dr. Sweet plays cello and takes lessons from Ning Tien, who teaches the instrument at KCMC in Keene, NH; not far from Sullivan.

It's a beautiful farm, with over 130 acres of lush deciduous and conifers. Moose, black and brown bear, lynx, coyote and foxes have found the bounty they need there in 12 acres of high bush blueberry, red and purple raspberry, black berry, apple, pear and peach trees.

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