Privacy Policy at

We take privacy seriously here at All your private information is just what it implies -- private.

We believe we are the first social site to even offer private tags -- so that you could still enjoy the easiness of organizing your places while keeping it private should you wish so.

We never under any circumstances (except when required by law of course) sell/rent or give out in any other way your personal data, search history, and other identifying details.

The only information we may show is statistical aggregates collected over large number of members, places, or activities. We promise to do our best to ensure that this will never be personally identifiable.

Proven technologies (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl) work behind the scenes on and we keep a constant eye on the security of our web servers and databases.

We use HTTP cookies to identify members, keep track of your places and tags, and to provide other personalized features.

We do our best in selecting only the best, privacy conscious vendors for 3-rd party services that we employ on -- they may however have their own privacy policies, please take some time to review them. Here is a short list (we intend to keep it as short as possible): we use Google Analytics to look at overall visitors statistics and trends.

If you have some more specific question or concern -- don't hesitate to contact us.